Picture of Dr. Dean

John Mark Dean

Professor of Marine Science and Biological Sciences;
Ph.D., 1962, Purdue University

612 Earth and Water Sciences

Dr. Dean's e-mail address is jmdean@sc.edu

Age and Growth of Fishes, Estuarine Ecology and Fisheries Management

Dr. Dean's research has emphasized the age and growth of fishes in fresh water, estuarine and oceanic ecosystems. His group studies the early life history and ecology of striped bass, spot, flatfishes, tarpon, marlin, swordfish and tunas They are doing field studies of age structure and the ecology of fishes in South Carolina and several international sites such as Costa Rica, Mauritius, and the Mediterranean Sea. Their laboratory studies concern mechanisms of control of calcification and daily increment formation and growth of otoliths in fishes. Dr. Dean also has research interests in fishery resource management policies.

Selected Publications:

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